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We have been in the Audio-Video industry as an installer / engineer since 1994.Our goal in business is to facilitate our clients with the best possible products and services related to any sort of home entertainment systems. Whether the project is a modest apartment or a fancy super house, we are to make sure that our clients get the best, that they deserve.

Multi Room Audio & Video Distribution

Watch and listen to anything in any room.

High Speed Internet

Now you can have quality internet almost anywhere to compliment your quality AV installation.

Home Cinemas

THX Certified class cinemas in your very own home. Designed and configured to the best specification possible.

Lighting & shading solutions

Mood lighting, custom scenes to suit your preference and even vacation modes whilst you are away.

Dolby Cinema Grade Audio Systems

Selected range of Class D products to deliver that cinema experience. From amplifiers, cable structure to the right speakers that suit your taste.

Integration Systems

Custom chosen and programmed equipment with the single task of making your user experience as easy and seamless as possible. From lighting and shading to music playlists and scenes

Satellite & IPTV

Content is most important. Live TV from round the world via conventional satellite TV to the latest IPTV solutions.

HD, 3D & 4K Image

The highest quality of image quality to match your home cinema. Delivered by the best source equipment and cables.

[content_box animation="" title="Residential & Commercial grade networks & wireless systems" icon="fa-globe" style="style2" text_color="default"] Lightning fast cable and wireless networks catered and built to cope with the most demanding applications. [/content_box][content_box animation="" title="Touch Panel & hand held control solutions" icon="fa-globe" style="style2" text_color="default"] All in one single control via custom hand controllers or your mobile phone or tablet. [/content_box]
[content_box animation="" title=" Flat screen televisions & projectors" icon="fa-globe" style="style2" text_color="default"] A large range of televisions available for any type of install. [/content_box]


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