How it works
"Our service uses the internet to function. You simply require a good quality broadband line with a minimum download speed of 3MB to enjoy our service.With the purchase of our internet ready set top box and installation by a qualified engineer, you simply choose your subscription package.It really is that simple.

Flexible service

"Unlike most subscription based services, ours is completely flexible. You do not need to pay for a full 12 months for something you will not use that long. You simply pay for a single month shortly before you wish to use it. Please enquire to find out more about our subscription.Perhaps you are not sure if you can connect to our service? Not to worry. Our devices work better with a cable connection, not wireless. If you feel a cable connection may be a problem, please feel free to consult us for an alternative solution.
IPTV are not responsible for poor performance or faults with your internet provider